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We're The Joyful Activists.

A global mental health community

providing activists, charity workers and humanitarians with wellbeing workshops, events and retreats.

We want you to look after yourself in the same way your work looks after the world. So we've created this community for you to prioritise joy, connection and mental health.

Come and look after your wellbeing with us. 


why we exist

The world is on fire. The news cycle is devastating. The need for activism is endless. 

So, we've created a community to support you.​ Where two truths can coexist:

You care about your work, ​and​ you need a space to look after yourself.


Our team are dedicated to creating trauma-informed and joyful events that promote mental health and wellbeing.


Whether you’re looking for support, community, or just a little more joy in your activism, we invite you to join us on our mission to create a world which prioritises the wellbeing of activists, so activists can keep prioritising the wellbeing of the world.

what we do


Wellbeing workshops, both virtual and in-person

We curate holistic virtual wellbeing workshops, and social, creative in-person events.


Join our global virtual community 

Join our vibrant virtual community with activists from all over the world via our private app. Access our library of wellbeing resources, members book club, therapeutic workshops, and discounts on all of our events and retreats. Launching early 2024.


Take some time out

Come and take a few days away from your emails, laptops and the news cycle on one of our holistic retreats. We'll be spending time together in beautiful places, with wellbeing and creative activities to prioritise our mental health. Launching Spring 2024.

Our Vision and Values

Prioritise your wellbeing at our virtual and in-person events

Collaborations, practitioners, partnerships and research

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